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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 1, 2017 3:00am-3:29am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- congress says, let's make a deal. >> overnight negotiators have come to an agreement, avoiding a shutdown, and tax doll laz for big ticket items. what about the border wall? details ahead. >> we'll have more on the deadly storm system stretching from the gulf to the great lakes. tornados tearing apart families and communities. floodwaters set off search-and-rescue efforts. some motorists washed away. >> supposed to be a music lover's dream, luxury concert experience on tropical island. organizers of the fire music festival are issuing apologies and reportedly planning a follow-up festival. >> hard day? it is the picture that everyone can relate to. the question, when she wakes
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does she eat the pizza? would you? um, it's of course monday, first of may. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> that question might depend, is it monday? if it is. probably more likely to eat the pizza. >> monday. all right. yes. depend on what caused her to fall asleep in the first place i guess. >> true. >> get to capitol hill. there was breaking news overnight. even though it was a weekend. congressional negotiators reached a bipartisan deal to avert government shutdown. >> the trillion dollar spending bill to keep the government running through september includes $15 billion for the military. no money was earmarked for president trump's border wall. the bill will cover other border security measures. >> the democrats are celebrating this. the deal does not block funding for planned parenthood or sanctuary cities. pell grants will be expanded. national institutes of health ge a
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funding. vote could come as early as midweek. >> also in congress this week. house republicans hoping to strike a daily on their deal to repeal, and replace obama care. >> the president tweeting overnight. health care plan on the way with lower premiums, deductibles. the president told cbs news the legislation would guarantee coverage for americans with pre-existing conditions. high risk pools to offset costs. but wasn't clear on whether the current mandate would continue. >> trump administration defending the president's decision to invite authoritarian leader of the philippines to the white house. >> the filipino president is accused of human rights abuses including crackdown on drug suspects outside the legal system in the country. the president says the meeting may prove valuable in an effort to confront the nuclear program. bob woodruff in seoul, south korea. >> reporter: an invitation from the white house for a world leader accused of human rights
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president fromtrump is inviting philippine president for a visit. he faces outrage over anti-drug campaign. he is a potential ally in north korea. >> does that matter now? >> it doesn't mean that human rights don't matter. what it does mean is that the issues facing us developing out of north korea are so serious, that's we need to cooperation at some level with as many partners in the area as we can get to make sure we have our ducks in a row. >> reporter: the her mitt kingdom continues to be international trouble spot. north korea threatened a u.s. submarine that visited south korea. will meet a miserable end and turn into underwater ghost. at trump's event. abc news asked if he plans to respond to friday's missile launch. >> you will soon find out won't you you. will soon find out. until now the white house has drawn a
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missile launches and nuclear tests. >> if he does a nuclear test i will not be happy. >> trump expressed grudging admiration for kim jung-un. >> at a young age. he assumed power. people tried to take it away. his uncle, any bed else. he was able to do it. so, obviously, he's a pretty smart cookie. >> so, how does the philippines controversial leader fit into all of this? we saw firsthand how he deals with suspected criminals in his country. his troops have killed more than 7,000 people since he came to power. in the crowd, a worried mother. soon she learns her son is gone. >> oh, no. >> your son. >> outwardly appears a deal with the devil. a person participated in extra judicial killings of drug dealers and okay to kill journalists. >> spoke about the north korean conflict. urging the united states to be prudent,
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are playing with toys. bob woodruff, abc news, seoul. one more note from the region. the conflict with north core car has people in nearby japan on edge this morning. especially for those living near u.s. military bases. poe t a potential strike dominates japanese media. the bases in japan could be target of misses from the north. if that were to be the case, residents would have minutes to take shelter from on coming missiles. more than 50,000 u.s. personnel are stationed in japan. >> breaking news from san diego, eight people shot at a birthday pool partien la jolla, california. one man died. several others are in critical condition. witness deez skroob a scene of terror, and cape ys as the the gunman opened fire at the apartment complex. victims were shot near a gated pool area. officers arrived on the scene as the the suspect attempted to reload his weapon.
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police have not offered a motive yet. >> americans from florida to new york are bracing for severe weather part of the same system that unleashed tornados, flooding, blizzard conditions. death toll across the south and midwest has riz in to 14. from texas to tennessee, powerful tornados are uprooting trees, destroying homes. and flooding is triggering high walter rescues. search also still on for two children in arkansas skept away in floodwaters, saturday. a massive wedge tornado. carved out a path, 35 miles long. also killed at least four people. sent dotzens to the hospital. a group off but 20 teenagers arriving for their prom, escaped unharmed, after hiding out in two balt rooms throoms. the twister ripped apart the barn. >> it's very emotional. but we are lucky. we are
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i don't know if we will ever get it cleaned up. we've got to though. >> last night snow hit the plain states dumping 4 inches in western oklahoma. >> residents for people with special needs, the scene of a deadly shooting in the heartland. three people were killed at tow peeka kansas residents. all male victim. fourth person survived and remains hospitalized. this morning. the alleged shooter deed from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> to the deadly shooting spree in los angeles over the weekend. man and woman questioned in connection with the shootings. one person was killed. three others injured in the terrifying rampage. it all started saturday afternoon, after a carjacking. one victim was shot. wounded on the street by gunfire. from a passing vehicle. two others were injured in their car. >> the victims were random. randomly picked. and these attacks were, were, unprovoked. >> the suspects were arrested on suspicion of automobile theft and illegal possession of a handgun. police are still putting
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together the pieces. but say it does not appear to be gang tree late related. >> the president hiked the minimum wage 60% in response to the country's economic crisis. the third pay increase, the venezuela president has order this year. the crisis led to protests and growing calls for his removal. government supporters and opponents are preparing rival marches for may day. >> pope francis is appealing to end violence and respect human rights. saturday the pontiff delivered a message of tolerance and unity. also during a mass in ee equipment, 15,000 people attended that service. his trip followed those deadly palm sunday bombings at two churches. >> the uk now where the so-called gorilla man has finished the marathon there in london. six days after it started. >> 61-year-old tom harrison crawled his way across 26 miles.
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gorilla suit. he also had two sons walking next to him. crossed the finish line. harrison did the whole thing to raise money. and awareness, for endangered gorillas in africa. >> earned more than 33,000 as a result of it. >> good cause. >> pretty good time then. >> think he was making, 10, 12 hours a day. covering 4 mile each day. staying at friends houses. >> along the way. >> knocks back a few brews. >> don't think i could ever do a marathon. i could do it that way. >> crawling. >> stay at your house. your house. >> just party. a police officer, there in ron don too. >> all for a good cause. congratulations, finally finishing. coming up. the hazard on the golf course. >> luxury island music festival, paying customers in. find us on
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wnn and on twitter. @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dancer chris dixon, feeling the urge in front of some cattle. would you? he wanted to see if they would react to his dance moves. what do we think? >> it looks like the cattle have their head down. almost looks like in a water fall sort of formed. like they're following with him. slowly start raising their heads. one by one. look what is this guy doing? #. >> oh, my god. >> hey, there. >> he gave up look trying to cow tip. then it's like -- in that case. going to just proof. >> that looks more fun than would be party in bahamas this weekend. fire, music festival. build to have a luxury atmosphere. ended
3:14 am
instead. >> site is locked down as authorities in the bahamas look into what went wrong. adrienne bankert has more. >> over before it began. music fest in paradise on lockdown. vip guests strand after paying thousand for island get away turned disaster. now home. without enjoying the glamour, promoters of the doomed fire festival. promised. >> it was $4,000. what we got was worth closer to, 0 dollars. >> reporter: the man who co-founded event with a rapper, explaining himself. >> we took a big jump here. big risk. and, it has failed. >> billy mcfar lan says they built aability on the private island in the bahamas. he blames bad weather for the chaos. >> beg storm came through. affected half the housing tent
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>> weeks before mcfarland came through. there were signs this fateful trip was already falling apart. the caterer canceling. headlin headliner, blink, 182 pulling out. in stead of luxury, accommodations look like's an emergency camp say the. >> no electricity, no bathrooms. no running walter. >> vendors blindsided. >> don't know if i am getting paid. haven't gotten a deposit or word. >> organizers issuing their statement. we are highly -- >> a number of celebrities promoted fire fest getting heat, including bella hadid in a video. even though this was not my project whatsoever. i feel so sorry and badly this is something i couldn't stand by. >> experiences, not accept biological to deliver
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customers. we absolutely are going to make that right. >> adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> nbc has been told everyone is getting a full refund. >> you think. >> for their tekts. >> somebody filed a class action lawsuit, asking for $100 t. >> seth logan. they were teaming up to make a whole movie about a failed music festival. we think they're jokingly saying they want to sue because they stole their idea. >> ja-rule not planning my birthday party. >> or anyone else's any time soon. >> coming up next. surprise guests in the next half-hour. are una prom into the night those students will never forget. and left them chanting. we ain't ever getting older. >> first, no tooth, no problem. isaiah thomas takes an el beto the face. then returns to the game in peptic
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the music. >> you like that? basketball music. the first round of the nba playoffs is over. >> uh-huh. >> so is season for the clippers. >>
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centerers roommates. hosted utah in game seven of their series. the second half did not go well for the clippers. fell behind, 21 points. gordon hey ward led with 26. utah, 104-91. jazz, 4-3. move on to the second round for the first time. since 2010. >> utah's prize for reaching, the western semis. for the first time in seven years is -- you get to, play golden state warriors. >> yea. >> steph curry. >> been resting since finishing their sweep of portland. warriors put up nearly 120 points a game in the four games. game one of utah. golden state, tomorrow night in oakland. >> isaiah thomas has dental work. lufzing his front tooth during th
3:20 am
collided with an elbow in the first quarter. but that didn't stop me. he literally picked the tooth up off the court. went right back out to play. boston wins, 123-111. the hardest part now is talking. >> i have never had -- dental problems. this its new. always had teammates that i have clowned them about their tooth being out. so, hopefully replace it soon as possible. >> team mates are frying to persuade him to keep the toothless look. he looks tougher look that. >> you thing. >> he says, no, getting it fixed. >> tripped on the way into the set. as a result. but it does not stop me from walking. it's okay. >> you still don't look tougher. >> doesn't make me look tougher? >> don't think it is working for you. >> talk from the list the entime. the washingto
3:21 am
starting off week on a high note. thanks in large part to the third baseman. >> he went 6-6 at the plate. scoring three home runs. driving in 10 more runs. that makes him the second player in history true do all of that in one game. and then rbis are a franchise record. >> can i try that. 6-6. >> nailed it. >> rbi. >> washington hammered new york. 23-5. so bad. >> meet the mets. another golfer, has stood up to an alligator and won. wrecky fowler, pulled -- ricky fowler, pulled, cody gribl during the zurich glassic. in louisiana. gave the gator a poke with the club. >> big reptile didn't put up a fuss. swam off.
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so we are going to start "the mix" with questionable science, scientific research. >> yes. >> this one from university of california, riverside. professor there who says that -- worrying has its benefits. so, stress, don't stress about your stress. here is the deal. this scientist, kate stweeny says worry can motivate proactive efforts to assemble ready made set of responses. saving you are worrying about the job interview. it will get you to motivate yourself to say, you know what i will overdo it. >> focus. study up. make it through it. >> yes, yes, yes.
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>> overwhelming response, technically it has not touched the floor. so it can be safe. >> don't knee the 5 second rule. go in there. >> would you eat it? let us know. >> how much have i had to drink before i drop the pizza on the ground. is that part of the question? >> she had a rough night. >> man just tired. >> yeah. lot of question as but the scene also. public transportation. this one out of toronto. that is a guy on a bus with a barrel of frosting. like taco bell frosting, from, from, for the cinnabon. >> in a barrel that size? >> 30-gal loan barrel of frosting. >> think he has a giant cinnabon he can't wait get to. i might actually. >> just going to drive right in. >> this is quick. how they teach kids about traffic responsibility. and drivers. in new zealand.
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they say
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breaking news this morning on "world news now" -- a mass shooting at a pool party in california. eight people have been shot. and rushed to the hospital. as police opened fire on the suspect. while he was reloading. we'll have latest from the scene. >> millions more americans will be affected by severe storms, as the intense system with high wind and heavy rainfall produced deadly flash floods. accuweather is tracking the storm zone today. >> new this half-hour, a big announcement today. >> yes, apparently change the face of morning television. kelly ripa telling viewers we are going to need a bigger mug. what does it all mean? in "the skinny." ♪ >> it's de ja-duwya. will farrell bringing back impression of bush 43.